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Reactions Misunderstood
Tiptoeing around taboo words
Weaving between them like skillful birds
Cheerful smiles held up like a mask
But what, per-say, is that you ask
Locked within ones inner shell
Rarely coaxed out to the outer hell
Fears plague deep within
Falsitys for eventual win
Worming through thorns to penetrate
Lied feelings begin to initiate
Words meant to stroke and touch
For one who's never felt such
Soft lips tremble for forbidden fruit
A long, lonely, endless pursuit
Hours spent on one so sly
As to place their hand upon your thigh
Unaware of reactions misunderstood
One loses all one felt was good
Teetering on the brink of destruction
Between beauty, innocence and seduction
Sit alone, away from the crowd
To hide the burning inside that's growing loud
Clutch at the skin that's ripped away
Begging and pleading it to stay
It slips away, dark in the night
Leaving one with nothing to fight...
:iconfifums:FiFuMs 5 10
Try as they might to pry inside, it is only by her will if they are given entrance.
Secret Garden.
Few are welcomed.
Some see through the cracks between the fence slats. That she can't help.
Most stand in puzzlement. What lies inside?
They want to know, they want to get in. Mostly they're just perplexed.
There are the most beautiful red-orange roses there.
...Swings too.
few get to see them.
...They love the flowers.
:iconbluerain88:BlueRain88 1 2
FoRePaW 2 by LoVe-DeLuSiOn FoRePaW 2 :iconlove-delusion:LoVe-DeLuSiOn 2 5
It was a perfectly normal day, in a perfectly normal school. Weird things practically never happen on days that start out seeming weird, except on TV and in movies. I wish I was in TV or a movie, because then I could have seen the foreshadowing before my life was utterly destroyed.
I woke up in what must have been the nurse’s office. There was a white cot looking thing I was laying on, and a woman with one of those name tag things nearby. I tried to sit up, but I felt dizzy and lay back down. She noticed and hurried over.
“Oh good, you’re awake. Just lie there a moment, would you? What’s your name and ID, dear?”
She was a plump old woman, who seemed like she’d be someone’s grandmother. “Uh. Nathan Stevens. My school ID is 3438782, I think.”
She was typing something into the computer.
“What happened?”
“Oh, you just fainted is all. You kids should really eat breakfast more often, though normally it’s girls that collapse fro
:iconsesquipedaliaphile:Sesquipedaliaphile 1 9
I went swimming the other day to think about things, and made the most astonishing discovery. I'd let myself drift out to sea and found, by nearly falling over the rim, that the world is, in fact, flat.
I swam for home as hard as I could and took my discovery to the University as soon as I got there.
"Oh dear," The Professor of Geology sighed, politely ignoring the briny puddle I'd made of his new carpet. "You really shouldn't have bothered. We've known that for ages."
"But we"ve been told the world is round! Why doesn't anyone else know?" I cried, pulling a hermit crab from my salt-encrusted ear.
"Well, that's because people only want to hear about things that are Exciting, or Sensational, like meteorites, or Rock Stars. Everything else just tells them you're a quack."
"How is the world being flat less exciting than being round?" I demanded, shifting to a dry spot on the plush red carpet.
"That is possibly because it is shaped like a meteorite when it's round, although
:iconkudaketa:kudaketa 1 3
So Far.
Imaginary words
coincide with my imaginings of you
a ghost of lips of fingertips
fuel my quiet dreams
I wonder if you feel it too.
:icondarkhairedangel:darkhairedangel 4 5
So it has come to this.
My true self if but a shadow of my life,
A simple flicker of light on and off throughout time.
I have no one to rip me from this world.
No one who can restore this once so beautiful girl.
I wish this were only some bad dream,
But it’s seems its too late to save me.
For this is no vision of my mind’s creation,
This is my life’s own devastation.
I’ve made my bed
And now I must lay in it.
A single soul, lost in the night,
A body that’s lost its will to fight.
No one is willing to extend a hand,
A mere lifeline to save the damned.
I’m calling out for a hero, a friend,
Can anyone make my loneliness end?
I’m reaching out for redemption,
Will you reach back in my direction?
:iconwinged-phantom:Winged-Phantom 2 7
Holding my breath,
words are being fed.
It's summertime;
I'm frozen.
:iconmrsblueskyy:MrsBlueSkyy 1 4



Favourite genre of music: Rock. Metal. Uhh... whatever heading Nick Cave comes under. (Geology?)
Hello to anyone that reads this =)

I thought I'd make this as a private place to put my writings up.  Well, semi-private anyway.

I'd love to meet some wicked cool new people on here as well...


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petula-faerie Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
NOU =)
ceursche Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2008
hehehe...well yeah...thank you :clap:
Ontheroadtonowhere Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008
Thanks for the comments, etc. I really like your poems. I'm watching you as well.

Looking at that now, that sounds a little creepy. Oh well.
246198 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2008
Its okay now... we're both watching eachother :)

When it was just me watching you, well thats definately creepy.
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TheNebs Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2008   Digital Artist
Another Aussie!

If you live in Melbourne, you should come to the next poetry idol.
They have free wine and cheese, (and money, if you're good at reading out your own poems).
246198 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2008
Free stuff?

I wish I lived in melbourne. I should probably write an angsty poem now...

Thanks for telling me though!
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